Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An open letter to..Court Room Audience on Daytime Court Shows!


One quick question. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE????? SERIOUSLY!? Where did you come from? Whenever I tune into "Judge Joe Brown", or turn on a little People's Court, I can't help but wonder who the hell you people are!!

I have a friend who used to be a plant in the audience of "Deal, or No Deal". He would do a lot of big faces for them, make things very dramatic and exciting just by manipulating his face. He was a professional actor...the at-home audience could tell he wasn't really into the game. His over-enthusiastic clapping and "Ooooo girrrrrrrl!" rolls of the eyes didn't ring true to me as the viewer!  I can't say the same for you, Court Room Audience on Daytime Court Shows. You guys are really invested in these cases! From where do you draw such passion?

Are you being paid for your exceptional work? Or are you able to write this time off on your taxes since technically you are partaking in some sort of civil service? Aren't you? Is that even a correct term? I'm not sure. Needless to say, I respect you, yet I am perplexed by you. I dare say I am RePlexed by you, Court Room Audience on Daytime Court Shows.

I guess all I can say to you is...nice work...whoever you are! I don't know WHO you are, or WHY you do what you do...but I sure do love every minute of it!



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