Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Wrath of Gemini's Twin...

It's a Sunday morning. Your footy pajamas on. The morning sun shines through your windows. You are snuggled in with your Green Tea and open the Sunday newspaper. After pretending to read the International news, and feigning an interest in the Local come upon your horoscope! It tells you that you are going to have a 2-star day. Wait, things were going so well this morning! You are wearing your footy pj's, the green tea is making you feel alive! A 2-star day?!?! Do you believe it?

Astrology has always been inconvenient for me. I believe what I want to believe when it comes to my star readings. If it's proclaiming great things for me in my future, of course I'll hop on board the Crazy Starlight Express, but if it's bad...I decide to forgo my ticket on the Express and take a brisk walk into my future instead. Don't even get my started on astrological compatibilities with potential mates. Well got me I go.

(if you understand why i put this picture up...we are going to be friends forever)

I recently came across a dashing young lad who, on the first day we met, proclaimed we could never have a romantic future because I was a Gemini. Apparently because I was born on May 21, 1988...I am a toxic human being. It doesn't matter who I am as a PERSON, rather I am to be judged on the location of aligned stars the day I flew out of my Mother's hoo-ha!

This immediate judgment threw me for a loop. This young pup didn't even know me, yet he was able to spout his apparent theories on me right away. (I'll also note that despite his apparent "fear" of Geminis, this didn't stop him from his shameless hitting on me....just sayin'!) I digress...

I immediately looked up some qualities of the Gemini woman to see if I fit the are a few examples:

1. Gemini women are quick-witted and clever 
(This is true. I am, if I do say so myself...)

2. Gemini women have sharp, long noses. 
( I have a pug nose. It's round and short. Dear fail.)

3. Gemini Women experience extreme anxieties and worry. 
(Ok, this is VERY true. I am prone to anxiety attacks. You win, stars. Good job.)

4. Gemini women are romantic by nature, yet their interest in men can change at the drop of a hat. They are a creature of extremes, and move on VERY quickly. 
(Ok. This is extremely true. At the end of the day, I am a sap. I love RomComs, I love romantic gestures, I love the idea of Romance in general. BUT as soon as things don't go my way, or I decide I'm "Over it"...I move on. QUITE quickly! One minute I'm head-over-heels, next minute I'd like you to go away. Woops)

Alright, so these examples are endless. I fit the bill with some of them, but a lot of them are ridiculous and not me at all. When this recent young lad said we were incompatible because of my astrological sign (now that I write that down it sounds EVEN MORE ridiculous than it did when it came flying out of his mouth like verbal diarrhea), I couldn't help but wonder (thank you, Carrie Bradshaw) if I even factored into this equation at all, or did my birth date seal the deal for me? 

Are all women the same? No. Are all Gemini women the same? No. 

I have a friend who was in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend. They were in love. They lived together. They had cats together. They shared clothes. One day my friend fell in love with a woman. They live together now. They have cats together now. I'm sure they even share clothes. My point here? Things change depending on the human being standing in front of you. Yes, qualities of the Gemini woman seem to be consistent...depending on the day, but don't let your head get so lost in the stars that you fail to see the gorgeous young lady or dude or dudelady (long, sharp nose or not!) standing in front of you! 


  1. Big ups to my mom, cuz she had me!

    Yes, I get the reference, and I love you for it.

  2. Wow uz geminians iz really like diz 4 real I'm impressed wit out sign