Saturday, January 15, 2011

Man 3G. Man 3GS. Man 4G. When am I eligible for an upgrade?

Whenever I itch my nose I swirl my itching fingers around my nose tip 3 times, and if someone were to ever come upon me while I was thinking they would find me with my tongue hanging out of the side of my mouth. That's my thinking face. I didn't come to know of these habits on my own--no, no, no, I was not-so- delicately informed of their existence. Now that I know about them, I'm extremely aware whenever they show their ugly faces.

We all have them. 
Perhaps you think yours are a lot less charming then my swirly nose itch, but I doubt it. 

As I took inventory of my last year, I reflected on my accomplishments, my embarrassments, my--other things that don't fit into those categories, and the men that have crossed my path like black cats.

I came to an astonishing realization: 

I have a "go on dates with different versions of the same dude over and over again" habit. 

How true this habit is. When I think about the dudes that have continually popped up in my life, the similarities they all share are pretty phenomenal. Shall I list some of them for you? 

1. He usually thinks he's  very funny. 
2. He has fabulous hair. 
3. He is goal-oriented.
4. He finds me mildly amusing sometimes.
5. He thinks very highly of himself.
6. He looks just like the one before him. (Please refer to the sketch)
7. He is supey Awkward Turtle. 
8. He is a journaler. (It's all about the journal with these boys. I don't get it.)
9. He likes himself. A lot. 
10. It's very possible he likes boys sometimes. 

That is just a tasting menu of their qualities, but it's pretty consistent with most of them. Now don't get me wrong, some of these things are fabulous! Goal-oriented, hair maintenance, but some of those are definite dealbreakers. So what makes us go back for different versions of the same thing? I'm not exactly sure, but it will require some soul searching from all of us--that's for sure!