Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's 2011 and I'm baaaaaack!

Well, well, well...look what we have here...I'm baaaaaack! 

Please let me start out by saying...

Happy 2011, my peeps!

I decided to let your hangovers fully recover before I whipped out the 20-11 blogsicles. Hopefully we've all put clean clothes on, showered the stank of rotten tequila off us, and at least attempted to regain our dignity. 

Well, I spent my holidays patiently waiting underneath the mistletoe for a smokin' hot man to accidentally trip on my strategically spilled egg nog mess and just happen to plant his face on mine. When those efforts proved unsuccessful, I abandoned the mission and dedicated my time to putting my face in my new furry boyfriends--

(They are pillows! But they are also PETS! Whaaaaat? Yes.)

So here we are--2011. Obama may have brought us change for the new millennium, but 2011 is going to bring us into this new decade in style. I'm feeling good about our chances here, people. Reaaaaallly good. 

So who is Madde, the Blogger, in this new decade? I think she's optimistic. It was recently brought to my attention that I am somewhat of a charming "Debbie Downer" type. I don't make vacations to Disneyland as miserable as Debbie, but I sure do love to point out those flaws in people. Woops! So Madde is going to make an attempt to keep it positive in the new year. Afterall, it's a new decade--why not usher in a new fabulous her!*

*Note: This is a New Year's Resolution. I make no promises. 

My horoscope says that 2011 is really the Gemini woman's let's rock it out, shall we? 


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