Monday, June 6, 2011

An Open Letter to...Women that Wear Bikinis as Street-wear!

Dear Women that Wear Bikinis as Street-wear, 

Ladies, ladies, ladies. As the sun has become a fixture in our daily lives, so have the winds of change that seemed to have stolen your clothes right off your body. Swimwear is appropriate for the following places: pools, beaches, tanning beds, prancing around your house and looking in mirrors after you've lost that 10 lbs you've always resented. Swimwear is NOT, I repeat, NOT appropriate for the following places: restaurants, street corners, grocery stores, the theater. 

The swimwear as street-wear phenomenon that seems to have taken over the nations youth (and sometimes the.... not so youth) is always a shock to the system when I'm walking into an establishment and remembered to bring my clothes AND put them on my body. 

Let's just think about this for a moment. Say for instance you whipped out your old lady underpants. You know, the ones you wear when your cute undies are in the laundry and you can't bear the thought of going commando! Let's say you whipped those out and wore them on a leisurely stroll down the street. What makes that so different from your bikini bottoms, ladies? The rip in the bum of the old lady unders? That weird discoloration on the left cheek fabric? The control top? Basically what I'm saying here is that when you wear your swim suit out as street-wear it is no different from prancing about in your jacked-up underwear. 

I'm just sayin....

On a separate note, I would also like to inquire where you got that suit because it's supey cutesies!



  1. There are no rules when it's too ungodly hot outside to live. Everyone's got to do what everyone's got to do.

  2. I'll accept bikinis as streetwear ONLY in 100 degree PLUS weather, Jill. Good points

  3. Well, I'm still upset by sweatpants and pajama pants as streetwear, so I completely agree with your point. As far as hot weather goes, I think light flowing covering clothes are a winner, keep the sun off your skin. Ever seen the way Berbers dress?

    At the same time, isn't it possible you're a little envious of 17 year old girls with perfect skin and the will to showcase it?

  4. Um no because it's never them poncing around in their swimmers, it's the 50+ that think because the 17 year old's do it (or the Europeans.. aarrggh) they can too. The kaftans that finish at mid hip or top of thigh.. I don't need to see that! They are meant to be worn with shorts! I don't mind seeing your bikini but just put a dress on for god's sake!! Alright near the beach NOT alright where there is any form of bitumen or concrete and nowhere to swim!