Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pigs in a Blanket....Hot.

I'm confused, you guys. Today is just a normal Sunday. Why is everyone wearing red and pink? Flowers are everywhere. Why? Is it someone's birthday? Are we celebrating Sundays now? Hmm..

Ok, ok, fine..I'll stop the charade. It's the February holiday today. Yes. It is. You didn't know? I'm over it. While couples around the United States hug each other, eat pigs in a blanket, ice skate in a romantic manor, I'm filling my day with a lot of activities.

What have I done? Well, I woke up at 11, watched "Valentino: The Last Emperor" once (even though I could have watched it again..and again..and again..), now I'm fixated on watching some Vancouver luging. and laundry is whispering at me to do it. Hot.

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

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