Sunday, February 14, 2010

An open letter to...a ridiculous father I saw in Target.

(this is a turtle. he is awkward. he is an awkward turtle.)

As I walked through Target yesterday, scouring the aisles for contact solution, I walked past the most alarming thing I have seen in a long while. This brings me to my open letter of the week to.....THE FATHER PERUSING THE CONDOMS SECTION WITH HIS 6-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER RIDING SHOTGUN IN THE CART!

Dear the Father perusing the condoms section with his 6-year old daughter riding shotgun in the cart,

Wow. Where do I start? I honestly don't know. Mmmkk...let's start with a gentle question for you.....Seriously???? I don't want to judge, sir, but there are a few red flags here.
Now, I know Valentines day was coming up and you had some errands to run, but I wonder if that errand could have been run on your own time. Your life is busy, your "to-do list" is probably immensely long with such errands as "get milk, get flowers for my wife, get gas for the snow blower, ....get condoms after I pick up my child from ballet class."
The red flag came for me when you LINGERED in the aisle. I don't know if you know much about parenting, sir, but six years old is an age in which lots of questions are asked. Are you prepared to answer these questions this early in your daughters life? If you are, proceed (even though I disagree..but I'm just a youth..what do I know??) If you are not, you should be smacked in your face. Have a great Valentine's Day, stupidface! Thank you. That is all.



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