Monday, December 6, 2010

An Open Christmas Letter to...THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY!


(The Little Drummer Boy being The Little Drumming A-Hole in some flick)

Dear The Little Drummer Boy,

SHHH!!! There's a baby sleeping, you moron! I don't know if you were aware of this, but the kid that was just born in that barn over there--is sort of a big deal. He doesn't need some rebellious pre-teen banging on the sheep skin drum he just got for his birthday! He actually would prefer some quiet so that he could reflect on dying for your stupid ass sins in 30 or so years. Got it? Get it? Good. 

Regardless of the social status of said baby, let's talk about the fact that someone gave you a drum in the first place. You're not fit to be PA-RUM-PU-PUM-PUMing all around town...that's evident by your behavior tonight. Hand over the drum and take up some soft-shoe jazz dance, this would allow you to get out some of that excess energy IN SILENCE!

Good luck, kid. 

Merry Christmas. (You'll figure out what that means in 30 or so years)



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