Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dangers of Stupids on the Roads

Let’s do a little car logic exercise, shall we?

Let’s say you’re driving along the highway at about 10:30 at night and you get in a minor accident. Not too bad, a simple rear-ending situation with another carsicle. Mmmk..are you picturing this?

Now, get ready for a pop quiz. Answer this question:

“When I get in this accident I will…”

A. Pull off to the shoulder like a normal person.

B. Keep driving

C. Stop my car in the middle of the lane, get out and chat.

If you chose C, you are the STUPIDFACE I encountered last night on the highway.

So, a letter to you……

Dear StupidFace,

First off, why are you so stupid? Second, are you aware that when you stop your car in the middle of the lane….. oncoming traffic WILL come and hit you in the butt? Stupidface, my apologies for my frankness, but seriously? Is this logical to you? I would like you to call my VW dealer and thank them for the impeccable breaks they installed into my Jetta. Had they not done this, we would all be roadkill right now. Stupidface, google their number and thank them. Seriously. Do it now. I would highly consider getting rid of your car and stick to public tranist because you are not fit for the roads. Thanks StupidFace! See you on the bus!

Love, Me

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