Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where the sidwalk ends..is where you will find people with their cell phones..

I just read an alarming article in the New York Times. Said article chronicled the increase of injuries of human beings while cell phone talking/texting and WALKING. Yes, you heard correctly. Walking! My first thought was, "Have we as a society really become this disconnected that we would allow ourselves to walk into holes in the street or parked cars, just so that we can talk on the phone about something mundane while we are out?". I fear this may be the truth. I was so quick to point fingers and judge those poor unfortunate folks that found themselves rushed to the ER with concussions and broken bones, until I realized....I was one of them! (GASP FROM THE CROWD!)

I will admit it, my phone has become my social safety blanket. I'm sure I'm not alone in this confession. A bored moment out with friends, an awkward "I need to look busy so that people don't think I'm a loner" time in public, etc..etc..My recent purchase of the iphone has only made things worse. Downloading apps like "bacon farts" and "animals licking the scream to the tune of hamster dance" allow me the opportunity to float off into another world and be accountable to no one.

So, here and now I offer this promise to myself. I will resist the urge to carry my phone with me everywhere I go, fiddle with it at every chance I get, and use it as a device to ignore the conversation of others. There is no reason I needed to be at the theatre tonight fiddling with the phonesies when I could have been paying attention to the world around me. I've been trying to really take a deep hard look at myself and I see this is a gate I put up around myself to keep safe. Instead of a gate, I think I will be a-ok with an invisible fence...knowing that it's there..but not crossing that line..because if I do? ZAPP! BANG! BOOM! POW!..I could have just fallen down an open man-hole cover in the middle of the street......(ha! man-hole. haha)

Just a thought on self-improvement. Feelin' good about it.

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