Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do We All Have Our TiVo's Set?

A very important American holiday is upon us. I know you all have it on your calendars, you’ve been preparing for weeks, the kids have come home from school and such…Yes, the season premiere of American Idol is Tuesday. Traditional meals of weenie casseroles, Lays potato chips, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade have been prepared, and traditional clothing made of polyester and spandex have been pulled from the closets. Yes, Idol has returned! Thank you Simon Jesus Cowell.

I’ll admit it, I love Idol. It brings me many levels of satisfaction. Many times I am reminded of how sane I am..and that’s nice. It doesn’t happen very often. Every season there’s a token crazy who will live in infamy for 6 to 8 weeks, unless he’s William Hung, in which case he will live in my heart forever. But there is one Idol alum that took my heart, swung it around, spooned with it, told it he was gaysies, and took the world by storm…….

Some people may know that I am a recovering Claymate. Yes friends, I loved Clay Aiken, and to be honest, the word “love” doesn’t even cut it. I ADORED Clay Aiken. 3 concerts, many hours on YouTube, novelty tees, math notebooks covered in his likeness, and yes, even a Clay Aiken lanyard for my keys, my love for the Aiken could not be stifled. I remember the day I needed treatment for my addiction. It was a cold and snowy Minnesota night, and my dear friend and I journeyed to Northrup Auditorium to see Clay’s newest masterpiece, his Christmas concert. At this concert the Aiken reveled to us that he had written his own play that would be featured in the second act, and yes, he would be playing the angel that came down from heaven. And play that angel he did! Dressed in white, his blonde highlights glowing from his spiky hair, lowered from the ceiling, there he all his glory..and I thought, “No, Madde. You are too young for this. Don’t let it end this way, it’s really not worth it.” And that day I started my recovery process. Was it easy? No. Do I slip from time to time? Yes. He was on the Broadway for awhile in “Spamalot,” for goodness sake!

Once the Aiken has entered your heart, it’s really hard to juice him out.

So Idol had it’s hold on me too. I’ve never found the love for another Idol contestant the way I did with the Aiken, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve even tried. I enter each season with high hopes, but I know that no one will even come close. So to this season of Idol I say, “Bring it on!”

Alright, I gotta go pull my traditional gold lame unitard out of the closet so that I can watch Idol from the comfort of my home!


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