Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love is blind..but I am not.

Blind dates. 
Were you aware they still existed? 
Were you aware they existed AT ALL?
Well they do, and I'm going to be the first to say...

...methinks they are making a comeback!

The closest I've ever come to a blind date was a blind "we sort of know each other because we know people in common, and they keep talking about you to me and it's getting annoying...let's hang out so they leave us alone" sort of situation a few months back. That was fun. 

Although we were already facebook friends (we are still not sure how this happened...), we really had no idea who the other person was. A few texts sent back and forth pre-hang out, but really, that was all I knew about this fellow. I opted out of facebook stalking pre-hang out, noting in my mind that it would really be more fun if I had no idea who this mysterious creature was. For all I knew he could have been 9 feet tall with a mustache in the shape of a balloon animal. Or perhaps he dressed up in Renaissance puffy pants and insisted that all women must call him "Lord SugarDaddy". Alas, he was a normal fellow. Charming, adorable, and didn't even attempt to kidnap me (le sigh.). 

The blind date is a crazy concept. Think about it in your mind-grapes for just a second. A third party is SO confident in their own personal mating skills that they take it upon themselves to set up two poor souls for romance. Talk about over-confidence! Yow-za!

With the birth of dating websites in this new millennium, the blind date has gone by the wayside. Instead of the confidence of another person, people looking for dates have the confidence of a...well, of a website? Does anyone trust the Internet? I don't. That's why Internet dating creeps me the eff out. (For more reasons on why Internet dating creeps me out: I digress. 

So, I suggest the blind date make a comeback. Why? Because although the 3rd party setting you up on the date has the over-confidence of Danielle from "Real Housewives of New Jersey", they can be fun! What a new adventure! My 20-year old pessimistic friend just got set up on a date with some chick. Why should blind dates be reserved for the over 40s? The 20-somethings love a good adventure! My blind "we sort of know each other because we know people in common, and they keep talking about you to me and it's getting annoying...let's hang out so they leave us alone" sort of situation a few months back, developed into a lovely friendship with someone I would have otherwise never hung out with. 

My challenge to you is this: Be over confident and set 2 awesome people that you know up on an amazing date today. And what if you want to go out on a date? I'll set you up on a blindy with some of my amazingly awesome friends. (Disclaimer: I may have gone out on dates with some of the dudes I will set you up with...So, if you're a lady lookin' for a hot dude from my files, I'm sorry. If you're a dude, you're welcome. I know how to pick 'em!) 

Now, someone set me up so that I can write an awkward blog about it. I can technically write the date off on my taxes, right? No? Oh, who knows! 

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  1. As someone who works with blind people (and no Madde, hysterical blindness doesn't count and is no excuse for a turquoise zebra-print one-sie) I fully support this idea and will do my best to "hook you up," sis! Kisses and Spanish Moss.

    P.s. After sleeping with you the other night, I can officially say that - for y'all who are interested - Madde is not a bed-hog nor is she a bed-wetter. Important qualities for you boys considering a ride on the Mad-train.