Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are we just living to change our relationship status on Facebook?

You probs have a facebook, yes? If you don't, you know you should have one and you're walking around in the world just pretending like it doesn't exist. You're hip. Congratulations. :)

Anywhos, the "FB" as I like to call it, has made the modern dating world a bizarre place to live in. Imagine if you will, meeting someone at a party. You're having a great time. They are super fun. Their charm is something that makes you weak the knees. Their cute factor is at about a 12. You're smitten as a kitten. You exchange your names and hope to see each other again. Cut to the time in which you've returned home. It is an almost guarantee that BOTH of you are searching for the other on the FB. True story. You want to find out who they friends?... were they ugly at some point? search the pictures...are they somewhat of a downer-pants? check the status updates for sad updates about how they only like the rainy days...and finally, relationship status. You go for the relationship status ASAP.

The FB has made it possible for us to pretty much research our crushes like a third grade book report before any moves are made. We all do it. Admit it. Stop sitting there saying.."I don't do that..That's weird"..yes you do. It's called "creepin'" and that's why the FB was invented. To creep. In fact, the other night whilst having drinks with a charming young gentlemen and discussing the FB,  he proclaimed... "Late at night I creep." Yes. That is a true story. That happened. He admitted it. I appreciated it.

So is this research good for us or does it take the excitement out of the future with this person? If you know everything about them like their love of pictures of baby animals (hehe, that's me!), or if you creep upon their pictures from their college trip to the Galapogos Islands to save the turtles..what's there to talk about on the first date? You certainly can't bring up the turtles on the date, that's a SURE sign that you creeped..and you don't want to ADMIT that you creeped. So do you just subtly bring up your love for turtles too at some point? Or are the turtles off the table for the conversation? When do you get to talk about the TURTLES? Will you EVER be able to talk about the turtles? Should you intentionally not talk about turtles if he brings them up? You don't want to blurt out..."Oh ya, I saw you holding a giant turtle on your facebook" can't say that. Date is over if you say that.

My extensive, scientific research has shown that the facebook creep is probs not the best for a budding relationship. Surprise yourself! Don't even friend your crush on the FB, don't accept their friendship if they request it! Get to know them the old-fashioned way, even though that seems oh-so obsolete in these over-technological times! Are we just living to change our relationship status? We should be living to actually ENJOY our relationships, not proclaim them on the internets.

So, what have we learned on the blog today, kids? Creepin' should only be done if you have the self-control to keep your mouth shut and NOT bring up the turtles at any point on your date. If you have that self-control, creep away! I do not have that self-control. No creepin' for me. Le sigh.

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