Thursday, April 8, 2010

The boys are looking to pollinate this spring..guard your flowers.

Well, Spring is in the air, folks! Let's play some spring WordBall, shall we?

*Spring, flowers, allergies, dander, dandruff, hair care, Jessica Simpson hair extensions, QVC, Suzanne Sommers work out tapes, Step By Step, roller coasters, pee in your pants, diapers, adult diapers, down there hair care, Brazil, salsa dancing, corn chips, Chip the monkey, monkey bars, cocktails, dates, LOVE.

That's right, folks!..when spring comes, LOVE is pumped into the air. Just like the pollen of spring, the love infiltrates itself into our blood streams and takes over every function of our being. And it is probably a little known fact, but my extensive research has shown that the love takes hold of DUDES the most! Whaaaaaat? Yes. Take your jaw off the floor and listen up.

My male friends have gone LOCO for the ladies in the last week! It is inspiring, to say the least. From proclaiming that a certain song makes them want to "run around in a spring field and fall in love!" late night happy hours in which they discuss in detail how to snag their spring lady that will cheer them on at the softball field come summer.

Have these dudes thawed out their cold, cold hearts of winter? It seems so.
They are ready for love. 

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but with so many dudes around the Twin Cities ready for love, ladies have got to proceed with caution. You could end up in a summer relationship with a fellow who just wants you to hold his softballs for him all summer. Catch my drift? Gentlemen have emerged from their caves of winter and are on the prowl for their lady bait. BEWARE! He might be great, but he also might just want you to help him hook up his hose for watering his summer plants. Get what I'm sayin'? 

And how will this spring love trend affect me in the coming months? I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to keep a claritan and can of bug spray with me at all times...just in cases. 

Excuse me while I go run in a spring field and fall in love. (Puke.)

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