Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've got a crush on you...So I'm going to yell at you and pretend like I hate you!


       Many people need silly things like "food" or "water" to survive. Those stupid things seem so obsolete to me. Do you know what I need? A crush. That's right, a girly "I'm behaving like a 12 year old girl" crush.

      As long as I can remember I have been a fan of the crush...woo! For a girl who hasn't committed herself to many dudes in her life, it sure feels like I've fallen for many a fellow in my day. If one were to find my 7th grade algebra notebook in a time capsule someday, they would find lists upon lists of possible crushes. In fact, I was so into having a crush that I would make "pros and cons" charts.

*Supey Cutesies
*Plays soccer (Adult Madde says...WTF? to this)
*Just got his braces off
*Sometimes smiles at me

*Acne is taking over his cheeks
*Sometimes he smells bad
*He is dating my best friend....ugh.

      The crush was an essential part of my day in middle school, and in adulthood the crush has taken on new meaning. Some smart person once said,  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." I firmly believe this smart person was talking to all women that went to all-girls schools. Not following? Let me explain. You see in an all-girls school environment we lacked some things...mainly, BOYS. If I had gone to school with boys I would have been fed everyday with crushes. On my left..A BOY! On my right...A DUDE! In my front..A GENT! In my back...a NUN...staring at me..telling me I should sit down, pray to Jesus that he forgives my skanky behavior,  and pay attention and direct my focus away from the boys. Going to a co-ed school would have simply made me glutenous. Instead, I learned how to fish. Yes, I learned how to fish for boys for the rest of my life. No longer will I be hungry for the boys because I know how to bait my pole and fish for them (wait..that came out wrong....mmmk..I think I'm ok with it).

     In our adulthood we find little crushes in our daily lives all the time. Whether it be the guy from Trader Joe's who takes me on a journey through the gluten-free items, that barist-dude from Starbucks from whom you order that Venti skim soy latte from even though you hate coffee, or maybe that adorable boy in the class you're taking just for fun on Tuesday nights... wherever you find them, crushes are abound in this world! The adulthood crush is wonderful. I say "SO LONG!" to those days of wearing my pleather leopard coat and chunky heels to the football game to impress you, and "HELLO!" to the current days of
just being so naturally fabulous that you couldn't help but dig me too! True, the adult crush isn't always reciprocated, or heck! even acknowledge, but it's the adult confidence of knowing that it could be more than a night in which I put on way too much Clinique Happy perfume and go home crying in the back seat of my friends Honda! Yes, this brief encounter with my adult crush could actually make me feel GOOD about myself! (GASP!! from my teen self)

    A crush gives us a burst of confidence! A daily reminder that we are fabulous, beautiful, and deserve the best kind of love out there. Crushes are the protein boost to my smoothie that is life. True, my personal smoothie is sometimes filled with A LOT of different kinds of FRUITS, but sometimes it tastes so good, and I can't help but feel FABULOUS after I take a sip.

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  1. The part about the all-girls school and the nun is fabulous.