Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looks like someone is taking a ride on her SASSY HORSE!

"oh, heeeeeeeeeey! It's me...Sassy Horse!"

        In an effort to be green I have using a new form of transportation to get around town! Yes, instead of taking my Jetta out for a spin, it seems that I've been riding around town on my sassy horse!! It now appears that like those bad kids that smoked ciggy's and drank mountain dew at night when I was a youth, my sassy horse has become a bad influence on me. Sassy Horse encourages me to say and do ridiculous things. These things are alienating my peeps left and right. 
       I learned to ride Sassy a few years ago when I developed the ability to speak, and thus, mouth off to adults and other peeps who seemed to be up in my grill. I continued to ride Sassy through the bumpy roads that were my education, and now we've galloped into my adulthood. Sassy isn't all bad, she can be fun to ride sometimes to parties or cocktails with friends, but Sassy has proven to be a problem when it comes to interactions with people of the male gender these days. 
       I don't know when to stop. (If you read my blog..you know this). Perhaps this is from my background as an actor or improviser, trying to always get that last word in! Tonight at my improv rehearsal something hit me. After blurting out a huge declaration of love to my scene partner, my coach declared..."just let it lie, Madde. Let it sink in for a second". Little did she know, she wasn't just helping me in improv, but in life. Oh, Jesus. Here we go.....
       I can't let things sit in the air. I over-explain, over indulge, over blah blah blah my way through a conversation. A friend of mine has recently started telling me to just get to my point instead of babbling my way through conversations. You see, girls can handle this, I think. Girls are talkers. It's in our blood. We love to chat, chat, chat. I mean for godsake..look at my blog! I'm a Chatty Cathy. My extensive scientific research is showing that dudes don't communicate that way. Over-explanation of things for the ladies and the dudes turn off. They can't handle it. I've gotten in trouble with this in the last week, and I'm feeling the ramifications like WOAH! 
           I need to learn how to just say it and let it sit in the air. What's with my need to over-explain everything?......Ok, it's in my nature, but my goal is to simplify my thoughts. What's the worst that could happen??? The other person would respond honestly and not feel bombarded by my need to put in my 2 cents..and then my 4 cents..and then my 12 cents..etc..etc.. I just need to put myself on a budget and only put 2 cents in! That's when relationships get interesting. 
          So, I'm only going to be taking the Sassy Horse out for occasional rides. He has gotten me in far too much trouble. Although I would like to be green, I will just be walking for awhile. I'm on a budget too, so the horse hay will be far too expensive anyway. 


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